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Certificates of academic results

You can download different types of certificates yourself via Ladok for students.

The certificates you can download (in Swedish or in English) are:

• Certificate of anticipated participation
• National result certificate (collective certificate of your university studies in Sweden)
• Certificate of registration
• Result certificate

The certificates are obtained through the service "Certificates" in Ladok for students .

Can I restrict what information will be included in the certificate?

Some of the certificates allow you to select a special period for the certificate. It is currently not possible to choose certain courses and programmes.

How can, for example, an employer be certain that my certificate is authentic?

Certificates are verifiable. At the bottom of each certificate there are a verification code and a link to a web page. To verify the certificate follow the link, enter the Personal identity number (personnummer), enter the check number found at the certificate and a copy will be fetched in the browser.


If you have any further questions about certificates, please contact your School's Office of Student Affairs.

Schol's offices of student affairs at KTH