Exchange universities for double master's degree: Medical Engineering

TMLEM has one partner university where we offer a dual master program. You will complete your first year at KTH and then continue your studies for one year in Shanghai, China. The first year will consist of courses and the second year will combine courses and the master thesis.


Shanghai Jiao Tong University

SJTU is a good university in general and great when it comes to the biomedical engineering field (BME). Our collaboration is formed with the MedX deparment, equivalent to MTH in Flemingsberg in terms of the BME area but they host a much larger number of professors and research labs to choose from for your thesis research.

During year one you will be taking courses at KTH following one of our offered track. It is great if you try to plan out your studies so that you take as many BME related coruses as possible during your first year at KTH (at least 30 credits).

During year two you will take more courses and do your master thesis. At KTH it is normal to do one semester of courses and then one semester of master thesis research. At SJTU you start working on the thesis already in September and continue through out the academic year while at the same time taking a smaller number of courses in parallell. I significant time is spent in the lab working on the thesis osit is important to not take on too many courses.

SJTU has a couple of manadatory courses such as Chinese language and culture and one math course. The other courses may be selected from a pool of BME courses given in English at MedX.

The level of English language knowledge among professors, students and other staff is high and you can get through the program completely in English. Outside of the university it looks different and we recommend that you learn basic Chinese before/in the beginning of the year you will spend in China.


You will apply for the program in december during year one of the master. We can send up to 6 students each year and you need to have at least 3.5 in GPA according to the KTH scale. If there is a competetion for the spots, the students with the best GPA will receive the spots.

If you are considering applying for the Dual Master, always contact your international coordinator first to find out more about the available courses at SJTU, contact information to other students who have completed the program and other details.

Just like the CBH school, MedX is spead accross two campuses. One is in the central part of Shanghai and one is located about an hour south of the city. There is a shuttle bus to take you between the campuses. There is student accomodation at both locations and it is also fairly easy to find appartments in the city to share with other students.

As a dual master participant we will offer you a small travel grant from CBH and you will also receive an insurance from KTH to cover you for the whole time you spend at SJTU.

For the master thesis you will belong to one of the lab teams at MedX. There are a lot of lab groups to choose from with professors with a good knowlege in English. You will also get to submit a paper to a conferance in BME at the end of the year.

KTH has a well established alumni chapter in Shanghai with about 100 members. You will be able to network with them during your time in Shanghai as well as the Young Professionals network run by the Swedish chamber of commerce in Shanghai.

Living in Shanghai
Shanghai is one of the largest cities in the world with abour 25-30 million inhabitants. It is the most international city in China, both in terms of established companies and the population. Shanghai has a well run metro system as most metropolitan areas around the world as well as a wide range of culture establishments and entertainment 24/7. SJTU's campus is located in two places. Minhang is south of the city and is almost as a small town itself with about 40 000 students and professors living on campus. Xuhui is in the middle of Shanghai close to the French Concession, a popular and bicycle friendly area with a lot of 2-3 stories buildnings and beautiful esplanades.