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France: Chimie ParisTech

Chimie ParisTech (also known as École nationale supérieure de chimie de Paris, ENSCP) is France's best college in Chemistry, a so called Grande École. The college was founded in 1896 and is known for its outstanding quality of education and also for its outstanding alumni and former Directors (Nobel Prize winner, L’Oréal’s founder and others). Chimie ParisTech is a small specialized institution with 350 students and the main areas are energy, materials and process chemistry and biomolecular chemistry.

University in brief

Language of instruction: French (B1) and English (Master)
Academic calendar: September-January, January-May
Credit system: 30 ECTS at ENSCP corresponds to 30 hp at KTH
Note: French level A2 is recommended even if you study courses taught in English.

Exchange opportunities

Number of spots: 2 semesters, or 1 academic year (CBH)
Grade requirements: No official grade requirement but the transcripts will be controlled.

Programme specific information