France: École Supérieure de Chimie Physique Électronique de Lyon (CPE)

CPE Lyon is a Grande École and located in the small town of Villeurbanne just outside Lyon in France. It is a small university with about 1,600 students, which specializes in Master of Science in Engineering studies within Chemistry and Electronics. Within the subject of Chemistry all specializations are available.

University in brief

Language of instruction: French
Academic calendar: September-January, February-June
Credit system: 30 ECTS at CPE Lyon corresponds to 30 hp at KTH
Note: French, level B1, is required. CPE Lyon offer exchange students a French intensive language course in the beginning of the fall semester each year. This is a great opportunity to level up your French language skills before the start of the semester. Courses are made up of bigger modules, divided in smaller parts for each module. It is possible to choose smaller courses from different modules and mix. It is important to look up the courses per semester before deciding on your semester at CPE Lyon since the courses offered can vary.

Exchange opportunities

Number of spots: 2 semesters, or 1 academic year. For students at the School of Chemical Science and Engineering.
Grade requirements: No grade requirements.

Programme specific information