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Application to the exchange university

After you have been allocated a place by KTH, you shall make an application to the exchange university. Application to certain universities must be done immediately after the allocation, such as universities in Australia, Japan and USA. It is therefore important to investigate application instructions and deadlines to the university you will apply to, well in advance.

Some applications can be quite extensive and may include:

  • Study plan (for all)
  • Passport copy (for all)
  • Letter of motivation (for some)
  • CV (for the majority)
  • Certificate proving that you can support yourself financially during your studies, it may be enough with a certificate from CSN, provided that you have applied for student aid (applies mainly outside of Europe)
  • Photos in accordance with instructions from the exchange university
  • Health certificate (applies mainly to Japan and the US)
  • Grades from high school (applies mainly to Australia and the United States)
  • Insurances (in particular the US and Argentina)
  • A Letter of recommendation, from a professor in a course where you have a good rating (applies mainly to Japan)
  • Visa application forms (applies mainly to Hong Kong and Japan)