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Pre-departure meetings for studies abroad

The next preparatory meeting will take place 5 May 2021, for the stay and study abroad in autumn semester 2021.

Pre-departure meeting

The pre-departure meeting for studies abroad during the autumn semester 2021 will take place digitally 5 May at 12.15-13.00. 

More information about the meeting and Zoom link

Earlier digital pre-departure meeting

The digital pre-departure events took place May 5th and 15th but if you missed it, here you can take part in a recorded version and some of the presentations. 

International Buddy Program.pdf (pdf 1.6 MB)

Predeparture - useful information.pdf (pdf 574 kB)

Student Presentation Pre departure.pdf (pdf 3.3 MB)

Sustainable lifestyle.pdf (pdf 1.8 MB)

TravelGuide_KlimatstudenternaKTH.pdf (pdf 4.8 MB)

Tune in with your school's international coordinator on things you may need to think about, but this page also provides you with information and practical tips on health, healthcare (eg, vaccination that may be something you need to do well in advance), and insurance, all good to have in your luggage before staying in another country. Make sure you have submitted everything you need, eg a study plan or an application for an Erasmus scholarship, before leaving for study abroad.

Good luck with the exchange studies.