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Insurance and healthcare

All KTH students doing exchange studies, degree project or internship abroad through KTH is covered by the insurance Student UT. It's important that you bring your insurance policy, the Medical Insurance Card (MIC), and that you, who are studying within EU/EEA bring the European Health insurance card.


All KTH students doing exchange studies, degree project or internship abroad through KTH is covered by the insurance Student UT. All exchange students are automatically covered while students doing degree project or internship abroad must have a written agreement with the recipient. Check with your international coordinator. If you are not covered by the Student UT insurance you should take out your own insurance.

As proof of insurance, you get a Medical Insurance Card (MIC) prior to departure from your international coordinator. In the event of injury/accident/loss, you must fill a claim form signed by both you and KTH.

Full terms and conditions available on Kammarkollegiet website

Healthcare within EU/EEA

With the you European Health insurance card you are entitled to medical benefits under the same conditions as the country's inhabitants within EU/EEA. The card is free of charge and can be ordered via the Social Insurance Agency . Please note that insurance for exchange students, Student UT, does not replace medical expenses that could have been avoided with the help of the European card.

Healthcare outside EU/EEA

Your Medical Insurance Card (MIC) shows that you are covered by an insurance, which will cover your medical care expenses. The expenses you incure, you can receive compensation for from Kammarkollegiet, provided that you make a claim and that it gets approved. Study the conditions of the insurance prior to departure on Kammarkollegiet website .

Travelling with medicine

It is important to know what applies to different countries and different medecines. Information and forms in order to travel with a larger amount of medecine can be found on 1177's website  (information in Swedish). A good advice is to keep the medecine in the original can, to show it is truly yours. Call 1177 for more information; and do contact your medical doctor for more advice.


Check in time if you need to update your vaccination protection. For stays within the EU this is generally not needed. If you are traveling outside the EU, you should always consult a doctor regarding vaccination needs. You can get vaccinated at a health center or on special vaccination centers. Learn more about infectious diseases and vaccinations on the Public Health Agency  webpage.