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Coming back to KTH

Upon your return to KTH, there are some things you need to do, such as applying for credit transfer.

Credit Transfer

After finishing your exchange studies, you need to apply for a credit transfer, this does not happen automatically. In order to have your exchange studies accredited, please submit the following:

  • The Application for credit transfer of completed courses.dotx (dotx 78 kB)  and Appendix to application for credit transfer of completed courses.dotx (dotx 75 kB)  should be completed, signed and submitted as an original hard copy (not by e-mail) to your school’s international coordinator. 
  • The transcript of records, a combined grade document detailing all courses passed and the number of credits for each course. Please note that this must be the original document. An extract from the host university’s website is not acceptable. In some cases the host university sends the transcript of records directly to KTH, in some cases you will get the original directly from the host university. Make sure before you leave how your transcript of records will be sent to KTH.
  • Course descriptions for all courses (including optional courses) you want to transfer to KTH, if these have not been approved in a previous study plan.

The grades will not be converted to KTH grades but the grades from your exchange studies are credited to your programme. Once the grades have been credited they will be uploaded on "My pages" under "Certificates". Please note that the processing time for crediting transfers can be up to three months.

Certificate of Attendance

Students performing exchange studies within the Erasmus programme, must upload a definitive/Final Learning Agreement, together with a Studietidsintyg/Certificate of Attendance (docx 62 kB)   signed by the host university. A compulsory evaluation of your study period and linguistic development will be sent to you by the Erasmus programme; all this is in order to receive the second installment of the Erasmus scholarship.

Travel report

All students who complete exchange studies through KTH are expected to write a report after their return. The travel reports help KTH to follow up the collaboration with the exchange universities and is an important part of preparing future students before their departure. All travel reports will be published on KTH’s website. If you wish to remain anonymous, you can refrain from stating your name, alternatively, provide only your first name. Please upload the report into Mobility-Online.

Template for travel report (dotx 75 kB)

The template has headings and instructions on what your report should contain. The final report should be about three pages long, and the most important part is the section on studies and courses. We would also encourage you to include images in your report. Do not forget to proof your spelling before submitting the report. Avoid writing negative aspects addressed to a specific person. Please be personal, but not private.