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Switzerland: Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule Zürich (ETH)

ETH was founded in 1854 as the Eidgenössische Polytechnische Schule and began operations in Zurich in 1855. ETH is one of the world's most prestigious universities, and offers excellent research opportunities. The university is ranked among the best in the world. Overall, 21 Nobel Prize winners conducted studies or worked as professors at the university. It has over 18,000 students registered.

University in brief

Language of instruction: English and German
Academic calendar: September - January, February - June
Credit system: ECTS
Youtube: ETH
Note: A high GPA is required

Exchange opportunities

Number of spots: The schools at KTH have their own agreements and different number of spots.
Grade requirements: Yes please check your program/insitution.

Programme specific information

If your programme is not listed below, contact the international coordinator at your school.