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Late application for exchange spots at CBH School

Here you find the late application spots open for CBH School.

Spots specific for CBH School

Contact your coordinator, David Grenot at:

The school doesn't have places left for the academic year 2020/2021.

Spots all KTH students can apply for

Within Europe

Land/Country Universitet/University Termin/Term Deadline
Belgien/Belgium Univ. Cath. Louvain La Neuve 4  
Estland/Estonia Tallinn Univ of Tech 4 Due to
Finland/Finland Aalto-Espoo 18 Current situation
Frankrike/France Centrale-supelec 12 of COVID 19
Frankrike/France INSA Lyon 17 please contact the
Island/Iceland University of Iceland 6 Partner University
Kroatien/Croatia Univ of Zagreb 2 for more
Lettland/Latvia Riga Technical University 4 information
Litauen/Lithuania Vilnius Technical Univ 2  
Norge/Norway NTNU-Trondheim 10  
Polen/Poland Cracow Univ of Technology 8  
Polen/Poland Warszaw Univ of Technology 7  
Tyskland/Germany KIT 19  
Tyskland/Germany TU Darmstadt 20  
Tyskland/Germany TU BERLIN 19  
Ungern/Hungary Budapest Univ. of Technology and Economics 8  
Österrike/Austria TU Wien 12  

Outside Europe

Land/Country Universitet/University Termin/Term Notering/Note Deadline
Kina/China Beijing Institute of Technology 2 vt/spring   31//12
Kina/China Harbin University 4 vt/spring   TBD
Kina/China Southeast University 4 vt/spring   15//12

Read more about the universities

On the pages below you can read more about the exchange universities, among other things language of instructions and academic calendar. Note that the pages contains all of KTH's exchange universities but that a late application only can be made to the universities in the lists published on the present page.

How to make a late application