USA: California Polytecnic State University

Cal Poly is a nationally ranked, comprehensive public university located in San Luis Obispo, halfway between San Francisco and Los Angeles on California's Central Coast. It is one of five comprehensive polytechnic universities in the US and has approx. 19,000 students. Cal Poly’s motto is ”Learning by Doing” as all student programs have a technical, professional, and arts component. Student apartments are avaialable on campus but many students prefer private apartments or houses near campus which are readily available.

University in brief  

Language of instruction: English
Academic calendar: September - June. Trimester system. (Fall-Winter-Spring Quarters)
Credit system: Undergraduate: 12 units/quarter (200-400 level). KTH students should take 300-400 level. Graduate: 8 units/quarter (400-500 level)
Note: KTH only nominates full-year students to Cal Poly due to the trimester system. There are no exeptions. Orientation is mandatory. College of Business is not available. Students must purchase the Cal Poly insurance plan,

Important information for students planning to apply for exchange studies in the USA

Language requirements
Due to new regulations in the USA, the language requirements for all international students, including exchange students, have become stricter. You are responsible for looking into the host university's (for the moment only applicable for application to University of Michigan) language requirements and necessary tests (e.g. TOEFL , IELTS ). Please note that you have to show your test result to the international coordinator at your school, at the latest when the priority of your choices is fixed, during an interview, in an email message or in discussion with the coordinator.

Insurance requirements
Due to new regulations in the USA, there is no guarantee that the insurance (Student UT which normally covers all outgoing exchange students from KTH) meets the host universities insurance requirements. In this case you are responsible for all insurance costs required by the host university.

International students, needing a residence permit for their studies in Sweden, can be denied a student visa to the United States. KTH therefore advise international students to carefully consider making an application for exchange studies in the country.

The university may require that the student have undergone certain vaccination before the stay. Read the application requirements for more information from the specific university.

Orientation Week

The university may have a mandatory Orientation Week/Day. During the spring term, the Orientation Week may begin in early January which can clash with the KTH exam period. It is the students responsibility to check when their courses would start and if their KTH professor would allow their exams to be proctored at the partner university if needed.

Exchange opportunities

Number of spots: 3 full-year spots
Grade requirements: none
Previous Nominations: 3,75 (2015/16); 4,31 (2016/17); 4,5106 (2017/18); 4,8231 (2018/2019) . More Information on Selection