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USA: Iowa State University

ISU is located in Ames, Iowa, in the middle of the United States. Ames is a residentional small town with many parks, a strong University connection, and has been designated an All-American City. The motto of the city is, "Ames, where the world meets” and is popular amongst international students for its "small town" college feeling. The students and local residents participate in campus activities together and hold nationwide attendance records at ISU events. Iowa State is also well-known for a large number of national renowned Engineering labratories in aerospace, energy, biorenewable chemicals, and more.


University in brief

Language of instruction: English
Academic calendar: August - December, January - May (mandatory orientation in early January)
Credit system: Undergraduate; 15 credits is equivalent to 30 ECTS. Graduate; 9 credits is full time studies.
Note: Application fee of USD 40 must be covered by student. Students may take courses at Liberal Arts College (LAS), but majority must be at Engineering. Students only have access to graduate courses if apply to graduate level. Students may apply to graduate level if completed BSc studies at KTH and have BSc diploma.

Exchange opportunities

Number of spots: 1 autumn and 1 spring semester spot.
Grade requirements: No
Previous Nominations: 4,45 (Fall16), 4,27 (Spring17); 3,5 (Fall17), 2,7386 (Spring18) ; 4,18 (Fall18), 3,96 (Spring19), 4,0238 (Fall20) . More Information on Selection

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