Exchange universities: School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

The offered exchange universities at the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science differs depending on the subject area you are studying.

Which programme belongs to which subject area?

Computer Science and Communication

  • Master Communication Systems
  • Master Computer Science
  • Master Interactive Media Technology
  • Master Machine Learning
  • Master Media Management

Electrical Engineering

  • Master Electric Power Engineering
  • Master Electromagnetics, Fusion and Space Engineering
  • Master Energy for Smart Cities SMCS (Joint EIT)
  • Master Information and Network Engineering
  • Master Renewable Energy (RENE) (Joint EIT)
  • Master Smart Electrical Networks and Systems SENSE (Joint EIT)
  • Master Systems, Control and Robotics

Information and Communication Technology

  • Bachelor Information and Communication Technology
  • Master Embedded Systems
  • Master ICT Innovation
  • Master ICT Innovation (Joint EIT)
  • Master Nanotechnology
  • Master Security and Cloud Computing SECCLO (Joint Erasmus+)
  • Master Software Engineering of Distributed Systems
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Last changed: Apr 29, 2019