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Studies abroad

Studies abroad is a unique opportunity and experience, a chance for you to round out your résumé while discovering the world, learning about new cultures, and making friends for life. As a student at KTH, you have the opportunity to spend a part of your study time abroad, without additional costs or extended study time.

International webinars

Take part in webinars with different international themes, like exchange studies in Africa or a meetup for outbound exchange students. 

The adventure of a lifetime

Studying abroad is an experience you will remember all your life — a unique opportunity to learn about a new culture and gain new perspectives to take home with you. Whether you want to head to an African mountain village, a multi-national metropolis, or simply warmer climates, there are international options to suit you.

Studying abroad is also an opportunity to gain expertise in an area you find particularly interesting. KTH collaborates with the best universities in Europe and with prominent universities worldwide. Write your degree thesis in Rio de Janeiro’s favelas, intern in an architectural office in Berlin, or be part of an exchange to Hong Kong. The world is waiting for you.

An exciting future

The international experience and language skills that your studies abroad provide are invaluable in the labour market and will certainly open up doors for a more exciting career. Statistics on overseas studies demonstrate the great benefits they provide, when it comes to both career opportunities and salary. It’s not only the international experience that will make you more competitive in the labour market; the perspectives, knowledge, and the self-esteem you gain abroad provide will be assets in your daily work.

It's simple

Applying for and engaging in studies abroad is easier than many students think, and about every third student who graduates from KTH has done it. The international coordinator at your school can support and inform you prior to your stay abroad, and you will find the same support wherever you choose to study. Studying overseas does not entail any additional costs, since you can student loans and often scholarships are available. The courses usually correspond to courses at KTH and can thus be included in your degree, so you don’t have to extend your studies.

KTH offers a range of study-abroad formats, from summer courses to exchange studies. There is something for everyone, no matter your grades or where you want to go. In the left menu, you can find the various study-abroad formats available.