As a student at KTH you can search for any schedules in Schedule search.


2018-11-01. Schedules for Spring term 2019 now published and available in Schedule search

Schedule Search

If you want to find scheduled courses, for example, before applying to courses or to find exams, you can use Schedule Search. There you can search schedules both for courses and programs.

Schedule search

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You can subscribe to your course and programme schedules to keep you updated. Do your search in the Schedule search, press subscribe in the top tight corner and follow the instructions.

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Schedules for courses at DSV in Kista

Publication dates for schedules

Approximate publication dates for timetables
Period Publication dates
Fall term (timetables for tuition, exams and re-exams) 1 May
Spring term (timetables for tuition, exams and re-exams) 1 Nov
Re-exams August 1 May

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You can search for classrooms in the Classroom search engine .


Information about new modular schedule at KTH. Modulschema på KTH, fr.o.m. VT-16