Find the schedule for the exams and re-exams

You are able to find the time and dates for the course exams and re-exams by using the search functionality in the scheduling system. Below you find selected search links for different exam and re-exam periods as well as dates for registering for exams and re-exams.

Registration and regulations for exams

For information about registration and regulations for exams, please follow the link below.

Dates to register for exams during academic year 2018/2019

Examperiod 1 2018-10-19 till 2018-10-26:
Opens Thursday 20/9 and closes Thursday 4/10 kl 23:59.

Examperiod RE-exam 2018-12-17 till 2018-12-20:
Opens Monday 19/11 and closes Monday kl 3/12 23:59.

Examperiod 2 2019-01-07 till 2019-01-14:
Opens Monday 3/12 and closes Monday 17/12 kl 23:59.

Examperiod 3 2019-03-08 till 2019-03-15:
Opens Thursday 7/2 and closes Thursday 21/2 kl 23:59.

Examperiod RE-exam 2019-04-15 till 2019-04-18:
Opens Monday 18/3 and closes Monday 1/4 kl 23:59

Examperiod 4 2019-05-27 till 2019-06-04:
Opens Monday 29/4 and closes Monday 13/5 kl 23:59.

Examperiod RE-exam 2019-06-05 till 2019-06-08:
Opens Wednesday 8/5 and closes Wednesday 22/5 kl 23:59.

Examperiod RE-exam 2019-08-12 till 2019-08-24
Opens Monday 1/7 and closes Monday 29/7 kl 23:59

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External examinees

KTH does not allow external examinees. External students are referred to other institutions, such as Xenter in Botkyrka.

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