Find the schedule for the exams and re-exams

You are able to find the time and dates for the course exams and re-exams by using the search functionality in the scheduling system. Below you find selected search links for different exam and re-exam periods as well as dates for registering for exams and re-exams.

Registering for exams

Register or unregister for examinations and find present and scheduled examinations here or under courses in your personal meny.

Dates to register for exams during academic year 2017/2018

Examperiod 1 2017-10-20 till 2017-10-27:
Opens Thursday 21/9 and closes Thursday 5/10 kl 23:59.

Examperiod RE-exam 2017-12-18 till 2017-12-21:
Opens Monday 6/11 and closes Monday kl 4/12 23:59.

Examperiod 2 2018-01-08 till 2018-01-15:
Opens Monday 20/11 and closes Monday 18/12 kl 23:59.

Examperiod 3 2018-03-10 till 2018-03-17:
Opens Thursday 25/1 and closes Thursday 22/2 kl 23:59.

Examperiod RE-exam 2018-04-03 till 2018-04-06:
Opens Tuesday 20/2 and closes Tuesday 20/3 kl 23:59.

Examperiod 4 2018-05-28 till 2018-06-04:
Opens Monday 30/4 and closes Monday 14/5 kl 23:59.

Examperiod RE-exam 2018-06-05 till 2018-06-09:
Opens Monday 30/4 and closes Tuesday 22/5 kl 23:59.

Examperiod RE-exam 2018-08-13 till 2018-08-25
Opens Monday 2/7 and closes Monday 30/7 kl 23:59

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External examinees

KTH does not allow external examinees. External students are referred to other institutions, such as Xenter in Botkyrka.

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