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Writing a CV

A CV is a summary of your experiences and skills, described within different sections in reversed chronological order. Here you will get guidance, step by step, in creating a CV suited for the Swedish job market. You should always adjust the CV to each job advert and change the parts that do not fit. Read the job advert carefully beforehand and make sure you answer the questions asked.

How do I begin?

When building a CV, a good way to start could be to think about your previous experiences. The exercise below aims to “warm up” and make you reflect over what factors that have affected your choices in life so far. You will investigate how you have made decisions, what brought you to KTH and what events have been important to you through life until now.

Preparing exercise: My life line

After reviewing your previous experiences, you can follow the CV guide below when writing your CV. Also, search on the internet for different types of CVs, to find a layout that suits you and to get some inspiration.


Should I include a photo in my CV?

In Sweden it’s optional, but quite common. In some cultures you should always include your photo and in others absolutely not. Avoid using a photo that is too relaxed and informal, for example a photo from a party. On the other hand, do not use a photo where you look too formal and stiff, such as a passport photo.

Is it really necessary to adjust each CV to each job ad?

You should never send out the same application to multiple employers. It is always evident that it is an impersonal and general job application and the employer will not spend time reading it. Adjust both your CV and cover letter after each job position. Try to give the impression of being particularly interested in their company.


Before you send your CV, be sure to proofread it! Spelling errors will give a bad and unserious impression. Ask if someone can check and proofread your CV and, if you like, use the checklist mentioned above. If you need more help, please contact us at KTH Career  or