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Announcement of scholarships from Olle Eriksson Foundation for Materials Engineering 2022 (registration number VT-2022-0002)

Here you will find information regarding the scholarship announcement.

Application period

The application for grants is open to year end. Apply well in advance of the planned activity. Decisions are made four times a year (March, June, September and December).


Read the instructions carefully before filling in the application. Please note that only complete applications will be processed. As an applicant, you are responsible for ensuring that your application is complete before submitting. It is not possible to change a submitted application. The application is personal and the scholarship approved cannot be transferred.


Scholarships are granted as travel scholarships with the purpose of supporting research and higher technical education in Material Design and Engineering/Material Engineering. Scholarships are to be used for conference participation or shorter research stays.

It is also possible to apply for participation in digital events.

(Qualifications that must be met before applying for the scholarship.)

Eligible applicants for the Olle Eriksson Foundation for Material Engineering should be researchers or doctoral students at KTH doing research in the field of Material Design and Engineering/Materials Engineering. Scholarships are firstly granted to researchers with doctoral degrees. Younger researchers will be given priority. Scholarships are secondarily awarded to doctoral students.

The following conditions apply

  • The application is personal and a granted scholarship cannot be transferred to someone else.
  • A granted scholarship may only be used for the activity (trip/conference) decided upon.
  • The application must be for future activity. It is not possible to be granted a scholarship retroactively.
  • Doctoral students and postdocs must enclose a letter of recommendation from their main supervisor/host.
  • All applicants will receive written notification to the email address provided in the application.
  • The applicant is responsible for keeping up to date with KTH's travel recommendations via KTH's website.
  • The activity applied for must include active participation in a conference, course, or similar (e.g. poster or oral presentation, method work, etc.) or other activity, e.g. exchange, visits to the lab, etc.
  • For scholarships granted for online participation at conferences or other activities, the same conditions apply as for physical travels.
  • The scholarship cannot be used for overheads paid by the organizer of the activity, such as conference fees or paid travel or accommodation in connection with an invitation as a lecturer.
  • The Scholarship Administration may carry out random checks on how the scholarship has been used. The school/scholarship holder must then submit a financial report.
  • Industrial doctoral students can only be granted a scholarship for costs that are not covered by the employer.

Activity period

The activity should take place earliest one month after the decision has been made.

Scholarship amount

If there are many applicants, you can receive a lower amount than what you have applied for. You cannot get a higher amount than what you have applied for.


A budget form must be filled out and attached to the application. The budget must include documentation clearly showing how the costs have been calculated (with a print screen or the like). Please make sure to mark the costs relevant to your budget. Before submitting the application, make sure to merge the budget form and documentation of the costs into one (1) document (pdf, excel, word). Name the document “Budget” and attach it to the application. The budget must be based on actual costs for the planned activity. Please note that travel costs have to be calculated based on the most reasonable mode of transport and the tickets must primarily be rebookable in accordance with KTH’s guidelines for travel and sustainability. Other costs should be specified and justified.

Budget form

Attachments to be included

  • A budget form must be attached to the application for travel scholarships.
  • Confirmation of presentation if received.
  • Doctoral students and postdocs should attach a letter of recommendation from the main supervisor/host.


Decisions are made by the chairperson of KTH’s Scholarship Council four times a year (March, June, September and December).

Activity reporting

  • Recipients of a travel grant must submit an activity report (travel/research)  no later than one month after the end of the activity.
  • If the activity report is not received after one month after the end of the activity, the scholarship holder risks being liable for repayment.

Change of approved activity

  • The application to change an approved activity can be made once within a year from the decision date if something unforeseen happens so that the scholarship holder cannot participate in his/her planned activity, and must, if possible, be made before the approved activity has started. Information about how to apply for a change of approved activity . If you have any questions, please contact .
  • Change of approved applications for Olle Eriksson foundation are processed at regular decision-making meetings (4 times per year).

Payout and Refund

  • It is not possible to have a travel grant paid out to one's own bank account, except in cases where the recipient is a grant-funded doctoral student/postdoctoral student or industrial doctoral student. The school fills in the form ”Transferering av resestipendium från KTH-anknuten stiftelse” ("Transfer of travel grant from KTH-affiliated foundation") and the form is then sent to the payroll function at the Human Resources Department.

In the event of a canceled activity, repayment of the scholarship must be made as soon as possible. Contact  for information on how to make the refund.

The application is made electronically via application form for Olle Eriksson

For more information please contact . Please inform which foundation and current registration number (diarienummer) in all correspondence.

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