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What happens after a complaint?

On this page you will find information about disciplinary actions and penalties.

When a student at KTH violates the rules, the President must be notified – which gives rise to a so-called disciplinary matter. Disciplinary matters often deal with students who are suspected of cheating, plagiarism or being misleading during an examination, but they may also relate to unacceptable behaviour or harassment. The ways in which disciplinary matters are dealt with are governed by the Higher Education Ordinance, Chapter 10.

Disciplinary action

Disciplinary action may be taken against students who:

1. try to mislead by using impermissible aids during an examination, plagiarising someone else’s essay/homework or by letting someone else add their name to an attendance list, despite not being present

2. act in a disruptive manner during a lesson, exam, test or other activity during a course of education at the university (e.g. during a sandwich placement (internship/traineeship)

3. subject another student or employee at the university to harassment or sexual harassment, as described inas described in Chapter 1, 4 § diskrimineringslagen (2008:567).section 4, of the Discrimination Act (2008:567).


The penalties that may be considered as a result of harassment can consist of: 

  •  disciplinary actions include a warning and a suspension. suspension decision means that the student may not attend classes, participate in examinations or any other activities within the framework of the educational programme at the university (both the President and the Disciplinary Board are empowered to make decisions regarding disciplinary action)
  • police investigation

The Criminal Code (1962:700) provides general protection against various forms of violations. A police investigation of an event that falls under the penal provisions do not replace the university´s investigative responsibilities and may therefore run in parallel with the university's investigation into what happened.

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