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Funka - compensatory support for students with disabilities

Students with documented, permanent disabilities can receive compensatory support in their studies at KTH. The group that coordinates supports is called Funka. It is important to apply for support well in advance as many people apply for support at the beginning of the semesters.


Funka is the department that coordinates compensatory support for students with disabilities at KTH.

In accordance with the Discrimination Act (Government Offices of Sweden) , KTH conducts targeted work to actively promote equal rights and opportunities for students with disabilities.

We who work as coordinators at Funka are Anna Josefsson and Martina Calero.

What is a disability?

The Law defines disability as permanent physical, mental or intellectual limitation of a person’s functional capacity that as a consequence of injury or illness existed at birth, has arisen since then or can be expected to arise (Discrimination Act, 2008: 567).

Its aim is to make Sweden´s universities more accessible and to counteract discrimination.

Apply on time

Make sure to apply well in advance as there are many students applying for support at the beginning of the semester.

Information on how apply for compensatory support 

Contact Funka as soon as possible if you have a physical disability, visual impairment or need of a sign interpreter. You can contact us already when you have made your application to KTH. 

A film about Funka

Contact Funka

E-mail address:

Phone number: 08-790 75 00

Phone hours: monday-thursday 09:00-10:00

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