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Overview on various scholarships

As a student, teacher, researcher or employee at KTH, you are eligible to apply for scholarships from the KTH affiliated foundations as well as many Swedish foundations and organisations. Here you will find information on how to find financial support for studies, travel or research.

Scholarships from the KTH affiliated foundations

KTH handles about 100 affiliated foundations that offer scholarships for students as well as travel scholarships for researchers, teachers and doctoral students. The foundations usually announce scholarships once a year. Below you will find some examples of various kinds of scholarships at KTH.

Read more about the affiliated foundations

Undergraduate students

General student scholarships

Open for applications January 15 - February 15.

General student scholarships from various foundations for students at KTH in study year 3 and up with good study results. (This year an average grade of 4.3 was required). Some foundations are intended only for students on the Materials Engineering/Materials Design programmes (lower average grades required) or the Degree Programme in Architecture. Another option is the Wahlbäck foundation for students from Värmland and certain areas of Skaraborg municipality; this can be applied for as early as the first study year but priority is of course given to students in their third study year.

Henrik Göransson's Sandviken Scholarship Foundation

Open for applications January 15 - February 15. 

The purpose of the foundation is to facilitate education at KTH by means of study assistance in the form of scholarships. The scholarships can be awarded to students in study year 3 and up on the Master of Science in Engineering or Bachelor of Science in Engineering programmes who have achieved very good results. (This year an average grade of 4.50 was required in order to receive a scholarship.) According to tradition, scholarships are not awarded several times to the same person.

To be eligible to apply, you must have passed all compulsory courses in study years 1 and 2 before the end of August in the preceding academic year.

The Engineer Ernst Johnson Foundation

Scholarships are awarded to gifted students at second level (following 180 credits studies) with preference for persons who prior to admission to KTH studied and resided in Sweden, though outside of the Stockholm area. A scholarship can be awarded for a maximum of two years to one and the same person. At the beginning of each semester, we will send mail to all existing scholarship holders with information about how application for the extension should be conducted. Calls opens in spring and fall. First time applications in fall, extention applications in spring and fall.

Professor Wallquist's study medal

Each year in January/February nomination documents will be sent to the schools.

Possible recipients are students who graduated in the previous academic year.

A student can be rewarded with Professor Wallquist's study medal for outstanding study results. It requires that the student has followed the teaching and at the end of each academic year had passed grades in all subjects given within the framework of the education. All courses and credits must be taken as planned, no delay is allowed.

If several nominees meet the requirements, the medal shall be awarded to the student with the highest average grade. If no student meets the study requirement, no dividend will be paid.

The programs have the opportunity to nominate one student each. The nominations are handled by the foundation function at the joint operational support and KTH's scholarship council chairman makes the decision on the recipient of the study medal.

Professor Wallquist's study medal is awarded in connection with the diploma award, usually in May.

Lecturers, researchers and PhD students

The Jubilee appropriation from Knut and Alice Wallenberg foundation

Grants have been put at the KTH President's disposal in order "first of all to use as subsidies for such travelling, which promotes a personal scientific exchange which will benefit Swedish research. Subsidies shall primarily be granted to young researchers. In exceptional cases funds can also be made available to guest researchers following assessment by the KTH President".

KTH's general travel foundations

Open for applications from February 15 - March 15. Primarily travel grants for lecturers, researchers and PhD students at KTH.

The Karl Engver foundation

Travel grants with preference for researchers, doctoral students and lecturers at KTH.

Scholarships for student exchange master's students, degree project, and doctoral studies etc

None of the KTH-affiliated foundations has the purpose of only supporting exchange studies, degree projects, doctoral studies at foreign universities. However, there are two foundations that may be considered for trips to KTH's strategic partner universities or Cornell University, Ithaca, New York.

The fundraising foundation for international student exchange at KTH (Insamlingsstiftelsen för internationellt studentutbyte vid KTH)

The foundation's purpose is to give students at the advanced level the opportunity for student exchange, degree project and summer courses at our partner universities:

  •   Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (Hong Kong),
  •   University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (Urbana-Champaign),
  •   Indian Institute of Technology Madras (Madras),
  •   Shanghai Jiao Tong University (Shanghai),
  •   Nanyang Technological University (Singapore) and
  •   University of Tokyo (Tokyo).

The foundation will be announced in March.

The Rudolph Carl Norberg Foundation

The foundation's purpose is to encourage and support American-Swedish economic relations. The foundation also supports trips to Cornell University, Ithaca, New York.

If you are a master's student, doctoral student or researcher are welcome to apply. Scholarships can be applied for for, among other things, doctoral studies, research collaboration, study visits and essays, reports and research reports.

The foundation primarily awards scholarships to those who write the best essay related to the above subject area. Secondly by awarding scholarships for exchanges / visits / studies at Cornell University, USA. The foundation is open for application throughout the year.

In other respects, queries regarding exchange studies are referred to the page studies abroad .

KTH Opportunities Fund

KTH Opportunities Fund offers scholarships to students at both bachelor, master's and doctoral level to finance projects, internships and research related to their studies at KTH.

Apply for a grant from Opportunities Fund

Scholarships for staff exchange

Here you will find information on the sabbatical period for teachers and international mobility for administrators and teachers that gives employees the opportunity to exchange knowledge and experience internationally. Read more here:

Internal and externa staff exchange

Scholarships for doctoral students and postdocs

KTH's human resources department has information about scholarships for doctoral students and postdocs for longer projects.

Find scholarships for doctoral students and postdocs

Scholarships for international students at KTH

Here you will find information about scholarships for international students for master's studies at KTH. This includes the KTH-India Scholarship.

Scholarship opportunites

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