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Pausit pause reminder

Pausit is a program for your computer that reminds you to take regular pauses. A tool mainly for sedentary staff and students, it gives you examples of short exercises during the work day to prevent problems with the body.

Pausit during ongoing excercise

Pausit offers easy exercises for movement, stretching, breathing and relaxationt that are displayed in a user-friendly way. You can choose when, how often, how long and at what times you want it to run. At the time you have chosen, you get a clear but discreet reminder in the lower right corner, you decide whether you want to start the exercise then or not. An animated trainer appears on the screen and shows simple exercises that you follow.

Examples of settings and functions:

  •   Create a workout with your favorite exercises
  •   Choose different times for different days
  •   Choosing different types of exercises at different times (random, relaxing or favorite exercises)
  •   Five different languages ​​Swedish, English, Norwegian, German and Dutch

User manuals



Technical support

Do you need help to install Pausit? Please contact KTH IT support .