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Contact Stockholm Student Health Services

On these pages you will find information on how to come into contact with Stockholm Student Health Services as well as other health care providers if needed.

In case of illness

For issues regarding your healthcare, please call 1177

Through the Swedish healthcare helpline (1177) you will get advice and help 24h a day. They will guide you to your nearest clinic/hospital.

If you are calling from a foreign phone number dial +46 771 11 77 00.

More information on the Swedish healthcare system

Points of contact

Please note that Stockholm Student Health Services only offers appointments by telephone and no physical visits until further notice.

Stockholm Student Health Services provides nurse, therapist and counsellor services. Contact the nurse’s office to book a health consultation. If you are dealing with personal or emotional issues, an appointment with a therapist may be helpful, where you have the possibility to book a single or several appointments. You are also welcome to contact the student counsellor if you require support in other matters. Stockholm Student Health Services can also help you find and connect you with other health care services in Sweden.

If you get ill and need to get in touch with regular health care, you can call 1177 Vårdguiden for consultation or call 112 in emergencies.

Other support organisations


We are here to listen to you and talk to you where you are in life. We want to give you support, hope and motivation to want to live and / or seek help. In case of acute suicide risk, you should call 112.

Phone number: 90101

SPES The Swedish Association for Suicide Prevention and Survivor Support

SPES, which means hope in Latin, offers support and help to survivors. SPES has a telephone hotline that is open daily.

SPES phone call: 020-18 18 00
Every day 19.00 - 22.00.

On-call Fellow Human

On-call Fellow Human is a non-profit association that conducts emergency telephone and chat activities for all people who want someone to talk to. 

Telephone number: 08 - 702 16 80

Every day 21.00-06.00

​ The chat  is currently open on Sundays at 21-24. ​