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Workshops and other activities

Stockholm Student Health Services offers workshops and other activities that aim to give you knowledge and tools to promote your health. On this website you will find information on what is available!

Workshops and groups autumn 2021

Stop procrastinating and improve your study habits

This group is intended for you who want help with establishing good routines and habits, and also to increase your chances of maintaining these. Held online every Monday, starting September 13th.

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Back to campus – how to do it?

Some tips for you as a student to facilitate studies on campus, social interaction and good routines. The lecture is held September 16th at 12.15-13.00.


Get started with physical activity

A "6 week program" where we help you discover the positive effects of simple everyday exercise. Simple outdoor training once a week. Introductory meeting September 30th.

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Sleep workshop

The aim of the workshop is to give you practical and useful tools to understand and come to terms with your sleeping habits. Held at four occasions, starting October 11th.

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ACT - managing stress and promoting health

This course will give you hands-on tools to manage stress and to live your life more in harmony with your life values. Consists of four group sessions, starting November 2nd.

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Therapeutic lunch-break yoga

A gentle kind of yoga with focus on breathing and relaxation, held online. Every Wednesday, starting September 1st.

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