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Student discount card

The Mecenatcard is a student discount card that gives you as a student to access a variety of student discounts. Here you will find information on how this works for you as KTH student.

Mecenatcard at KTH

KTH cooperates with the Student union THS and Mecenat in order for you as a student at KTH to get access to student discounts. You do not need to become a member of the Student Union in order to get a Mecenat card. Students receive a digital card through the Mecenat website. It is also possible to order a physical card.

Your Mecenatcard

When you register as a student in Ladok for students, data is transferred from Ladok to Mecenat in order for a card to be generated. Once a card has been issued, you will receive an email from Mecenat on how to create an account on their website and get the card to your Smartphone.

This procedure concerns programme students and non-programme students taking a free-standing course. If you are a doctoral student, you can check to see if you are registered for activity in your individual study plan.

Processing personal data

In the process of gernerating your Mecenatacard, some of your personal data is transferred from Ladok to Mecenat. These data are name, Swedish personal identity number/T-number, address, email and scope of study. For more information about this process, please visit

Questions about your Mecenatcard

You are welcome to contact the Student Union office if you have questions concerning Student union cards or Mecenatcard. You can also use their support page to check if a card has been issued to you.

Mecenat card support page

Contact the Student Union (THS) 

You will find more information about card usage and distribution on the Mecenat website.  For technical questions, contact Mecenat.