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Tuition fees

Here you will find information about tuition fees.

Citizens of an EU/EEA country or Switzerland are not required to pay application and tuition fees. However, fees may apply for joint master's programmes that include universities with tuition fees for EU/EEA/Swiss citizens. Students who are not a citizen of an EU/EEA country or Switzerland are generally required to pay application and tuition fees. There are however some exceptions.

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The tuition fee will be charged in advance for each semester (30 ECTS credits for full-time studies). The tuition fee is based on price per credit. This means that your tuition fee will increase if you take more than 30 ECTS credits per semester.

Payment methods

Paying by card

If you are paying by card, follow the instructions on the invoice. We only accept card payments via Visa or MasterCard. For identification purposes, state the invoice and customer number when paying.

Paying by bank transfer

If you are paying by bank transfer, follow the instructions below.

  • Inform your bank that you wish to transfer the sum stated on the invoice. The bank details can be found at the bottom of the invoice.
  • Inform your bank that the payment must be received by KTH by the date stated on your invoice.
  • It is important the invoice number is included in the payment. This is your personal reference number and without this number we cannot match the payment to your student record.
  • Note that we receive the funds in Swedish kronor, and that you are responsible for paying all fees associated with this transfer.

Paying with your Swedish bank account by Plusgiro

If you are paying with your Swedish bank account by Plusgiro you must indicate the invoice number (OCR) stated on the invoice.

If you have queries regarding your payment please use the contact details stated on the invoice.

Has my payment been received?

If you pay by bank transfer, you can check your payment status at Log in using your invoice number and customer number (both found on your invoice). If the invoice is registered as closed, it means that it has been paid. If it is not registered as closed one week after your payment by bank transfer, please contact  with your payment receipt.

Payment and repayment of fees to/from Iran

Due to international regulations, it is currently not allowed for Swedish universities to pay money to Iran. You should be aware of this already when you make a payment, and be careful about which account you choose to make the payment from. A reimbursement is always made to the same account as the payment was originally made from. Consequently, we recommend that you choose a payment method that works also if a refund must be made.


Reimbursement for on-going studies

The tuition fee can be reimbursed if a cancellation of studies is caused by extenuating circumstances beyond the student’s control. For example: extenuating circumstances can be that the student’s cancellation of studies is due to serious illness or death of the student, the student’s partner or member of the immediate family that prevents the student from attending the education. Under these circumstances the upcoming or ongoing term’s tuition fees can be reimbursed. Reimbursement can be made up to the amount corresponding to the remaining ECTS credits for the current term. For the upcoming term the whole amount of the tuition fee, excluding transaction fees shall be reimbursed.

No reimbursement due to distance education

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic KTH has been forced to close its premises and switch to distance education in order to prevent the spread of infection. While this extraordinary circumstance is beyond our control, we at KTH are doing our best to ensure that we can maintain the quality of education despite the current circumstances and therefore will not grant any refunds due to the change in teaching methods.

Change of fee status

Reimbursement of the tuition fee for the upcoming semester can be made up until the start of the semester. When a change in fee status is made during an ongoing semester, reimbursement of the tuition fee is not possible.

How to request for reimbursement

A written request for reimbursement, including supporting documentation certifying the extenuating circumstances for reimbursement, shall be sent to  for assessment. Students newly admitted to studies starting autumn 2021 applying for reimbursement before the start of the autumn term do not need to include any supporting documentation. The decision on reimbursement is made by the university director. Please note that in all cases where a reimbursement is sought, the amount to be reimbursed can only be paid to the same bank account from which the payment originated.