KTH Accommodation

KTH Accommodation is a service to international students, assisting them in finding accommodation for their first academic year at KTH. Some international student groups are guaranteed housing through KTH while others need to find housing on their own.

Important information

This information will be updated and changed as we are following current recommendations from the Public Health Authority.To stay up-to-date with KTH's information about COVID-19, please consult www.kth.se/corona-eng .

Due to the current circumstances caused by COVID-19, KTH Accommodation have had to adapt routines and practices to follow recommendations from the Public Health Agency of Sweden (Folkhälsomyndigheten). This is what you need to know as a tenant of KTH Accommodation:

In general

  • We are currently under a very heavy workload, but we will answer emails as fast as we can. If you are waiting for a response, please do not e-mail again, as this will only slow down our ability to respond.


  • KTH Entré is currently not open to students. This means, if you lose your key you will need to e-mail us to make an appointment to receive a spare key. We are currently under a very heavy workload, so when you email us please mark the email “LOCKED OUT- NEED EXTRA KEY” and we will respond as fast as we can.
  • During this time, please take extra care to keep track of your key. If you share a room or flat, please ask your roommate for help to access the room before you contact KTH Accommodation.
  • If you lose your key after 16.30 or on weekends, you will need to contact emergency services or locksmith, at your own cost. See information here.  


  • If you have received information from your home university that you need to return home due to COVID-19, then you need to forward the notice to us and request a change of your contract end-date. We will look into what's possible and send you a reply.
  • If you personally feel the need to return home due to the effects of COVID-19, please email us and attach a confirmation of your return flight, and request a change of your contract end-date. We will look into into what's possible and send you a reply.
  • All information about moving out, cleaning your room, where to return your key, etc., remains unchanged and you can find it here: Moving out, Key return and Cleaning
  • Please follow these instructions  carefully when moving out.
  • We will allow no room changes, unless there are pressing medical reasons for them, pursuant to recommendations from the Public Health Authority to minimize movement. As campus is closed and all classes are held remotely, there are no reasons to travel to campus. We recommend social distancing.

Fault reports

  • If you need to make a fault report, continue to use this form.
  • Depending of the nature of your fault report, you will receive help with your problem by either advice or a physical visit by a caretaker. This is decided by the KTH Site Services, following recommendations from the Public Health Authority.


  • You can find contact details for emergency services on our website, to be used for urgent issues (electrical problems, water leaks etc.). Please see Useful information .
  • If you suspect that you have contracted Covid-19, please contact 1177 for recommendations. Call 11313 if you feel ok, but have questions about Covid-19.
  • In the event of urgent or life-threatening medical conditions, please call 112 for emergency assistance. If you are showing symptoms of covid-19, please avoid visiting a medical facility without notifying them in advance, so as to avoid spreading the disease to vulnerable persons and medical professionals.

Vacant rooms April - July 2020

There is openings for spring and summer. International and Swedish students at KTH can apply and the minimum rental period is 2 months. Follow the instructions for how to apply carefully: Studentgroups and application

About KTH Accommodation service

KTH provides this assistance in finding housing due to the difficulties of finding long-term housing on short notice in Stockholm. The service is voluntary and limited to one offer that only includes the student, not family members. If you have more specific wishes for housing than KTH Accommodation can offer, we recommend that you look for private housing options.

Thus, for students who are staying for longer than one academic year, KTH Accommodation acts as a stepping stone to finding housing on one’s own. Some student groups are guaranteed a housing offer through KTH Accommodation for a maximum of one academic year, however, a specific location cannot be guaranteed.

KTH Accommodation is a department within KTH, it operates with state funding and is non-profit. KTH leases apartments and rooms from student housing companies and building companies and then subleases these to the students, thus the amount of rooms is limited. Students pay rent to KTH and KTH pays rent to the property owner. Please note that KTH Accommodation does not provide service to individuals who want to lease a room or apartment to students.

When signing a contract with KTH Accommodation it is the responsibility of the tenant to inform her/himself of the terms and conditions of the legally binding contract.

For more specific information, please review the options in the menu.

Are you doing a Ph.D. at KTH? Contact KTH Relocation

Fault report

If something in your apartment is broken or not working, it is important to make a fault report.