Autumn term 2019

Here you will find information for international students who wish to rent housing through KTH Accommodation for autumn term 2019.

If you have not applied yet but belong to one of the guaranteed student categories please send us an email:

If you have been allowed to pay the tuition fee late, please send us an email when the payment has been registrered.

Important information for all students

  •  KTH Accommodation assist international students with housing. The possibility of receiving a housing offer depends on your student category (fee-paying/non fee-paying, master/exchange). Go to Apply  to see all information about your application dates and process.
  •  The accommodation service is voluntary and the received offer can be accepted or rejected by the student, but no new offer will be made and changes to accommodation are not made.
  • Location and type of accommodation according to requests cannot be guaranteed.
  • We do not have any housing in Södertälje. We can only offer students housing in Stockholm even if you are going to study in Södertälje.
  • KTH Accommodation have a very limited number of apartments suitable for families.
  • Any housing offer is made for a maximum of one academic year, after that the student is expected to find housing elsewhere.

After applying

If you receive an offer you can accept or reject this room, but no other offer will be made. You will also receive your first rent invoice, which must be paid within 7 days. The amount of this is not a deposit and it is not refundable.

All applicants will receive a notification regarding their application by the end of June, no matter if the result is positive or negative.

After you have applied you should read through the information regarding housing under " Arriving ".