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Help KTH to communicate better with students

KTH wants to get better at communicating with you as a student. A project has therefore begun with the purpose to improve communication between KTH and students, and to make it easier for students to complete their studies.

Student at a computer and two students talking close to a whiteboard

A better coordinated student communication

KTH has started a project to improve communication toward existing students. The purpose of this is to make it easier for students to complete their studies. The project includes representatives from different parts of KTH and a student representative from THS. You will soon be able to follow the project in a KTH Social group.

As part of the project, KTH will conduct workshops and in-depth interviews with students. We want to examine how communication can help you as a student during your studies as well as understand what kind of communication you need depending on where you are in your studies.

Previously, on this page you have been able to register your interest in participating in workshops and interviews. Registration is now closed. You are welcome to share your proposals for student communication in the form below. 

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Last changed: Oct 09, 2020