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Information on how to apply for compensatory support

On this page you can read about how to apply for compensatory support at Funka. To be able to receive support from Funka, you must be admitted to KTH, have a document certifying your disability and make an application for support. When the application is complete, the coordinator invites you to a personal meeting to discuss your needs for support.

To be able to apply for compensatory support you must: 

  • Be admitted to a course or a programme at KTH.
  • Have documenation issued and signed by a licensed medical expert certifying your permanent disability. 
  • Make an application in Nais.

How to apply for support

Admitted to KTH

You must be admitted to a course or program at KTH. Once you have been admitted to a course or program at KTH, you can apply for support in Nais. 

If you have a physical disability, visual impairment or need a sign interpreter, contact Funka as soon as possible in order for us to prepare the adjustments needed to improve your study situation.

The document must certify a permanent disability

You must have a signed document by a legitimate medical expert, such as doctor, psychologist, speech therapist, or equivalent, certifying that your disability has lasted or is expected to last at least six months. Attach the document together with your application. 

The certificate must include:

  • Your Social Security number (if you don't have a Swedish Social Security number, use your date of birth)
  • Your name
  • Date when the certificate was issued
  • Who issued the certificate
  • The disability must be stated
  • The durability of your disability must be stated
  • The document must be signed by a medical expert

Apply for support

You must apply for support in the national system Nais. The Nais system is a national system where you as a student with a long-term disability can apply for compensatory support during your studies at Swedish higher education institutions. However, each university owns and is responsible for its own personal data in Nais, and cannot access the data of another university.

There are many students who apply for support at the beginning of the semester so make sure to apply early, as the processing time can be long. The processing time when a complete application has been received is 15 working days.

The personal meeting must take place before the online registration for the exam closes. Therefore, make sure to apply for compensatory support well in advance.

Once you have made your application

If your documentation needs to be supplemented before the meeting with a coordinator, you will receive information about it via Nais. When your application is complete, Funka will contact you to make an appointment for a personal meeting to discuss your needs for compensatory support.

Based on your application, your documentation and our meeting, Funka assesses whether there is support that can help you in your study situation.

The picture describes how to apply for compensatory support. When an application is complete, the coordinator will schedule a meeting with the student to discuss the student's individual needs. After the meeting, the coordinator makes a decision for the student that contains information about which support has been recommended to the student.
Application process for compensatory support at KTH

At the personal meeting you need to identify yourself with a valid photo ID.

Information about valid ID documents at KTH

After your meeting with Funka you will receive a decision in the system Nais. In the decision you can read what support that has been recommended to you. You own the document and it is up to you who you want to show it to. The decision contains no information about your disability, only your recommended support.

Contact Funka

E-mail address:

Phone number: 08-790 75 00

Phone hours: monday-thursday 09:00-10:00

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Last changed: Apr 12, 2021