Work as a mentor

Did you know that you as a student and are at your second year of study can work as a mentor for another student? Being a mentor is rewarding, a merit and paid extra-job. To be able to work as a mentor you need to have good study habits and good skills for planning and structuring your own studies.

The content of the job is to support another student with sorting, prioritize among school assignments, clarifying schedule, make part-time goals and check the time planning.

You will get an introduction lecture where we will tell you more about the job content. After the introduction, you will be a member of our pool of mentors and you will be matched with one or several students.

The lecture is based on the handbook, from the National Agency for Special Needs Education and Schools. Please have a look to see if working as a mentor suits you.  

Mentor Handbook (pdf 1.4 MB)

The time for mentor support is up to two hours per week, included preparation, the meeting and eventual follow-up. The commission is 150 SEK/hour, included 12 % holiday allowance.

If you have any question regarding mentor support please contact us:

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Last changed: Apr 24, 2019