Updated routines for compensatory support

Please find below information about updated routines, in effect from the autumn semester of 2019, regarding the recommendations for compensatory support from Funka.

Routines regarding support during examination:

Students that already have or will receive a recommended support that requires an active approval by the examiner must contact the examiner as soon as possible, and no later than 16 working days after the start of the course. The examiner then approves or rejects the support. The examiner informs Tentafunka of the decision if the examination takes place at campus Valhallavägen, or the student office of respective campus if the examination takes place in Kista, Flemingsberg or Södertälje.

In the case of a type of support that does not require an active approval of the examiner, for example extended writing time for written examination, the examiner can still reject the support.

The examiner decides whether the recommended support is consistent with the intended learning outcomes of the course. This is done for all types of support.

Further routines for support:

1. Regarding examination

The examiner notifies the student of approval/rejection of support no later than 15 working days before the exam date, given that the student has contacted the examiner within the given time frame. The decision is sent to the student.

2. Regarding quiz/partial exam during the course (“kontrollskrivning”)

In the case of a quiz/partial exam during the course the exam registration closes 10 days before the quiz/partial exam. The examiner should make the decision to approve or reject the support within 7 working days. The day the exam registration closes is the last day for the examiner to notify the student of the decision.

Additional information

The student’s own responsibility

As a student you have the responsibility to check if your compensatory support requires an active approval of the examiner. It is therefore important that you consult your decision from Funka in Nais.

Office turnaround time

The office turnaround time after the submission of a complete application is up to 15 working days.

If you wish to change your support in any way, please contact a coordinator at Funka as soon as possible, as this may require another personal meeting to discuss the need for compensatory support and as the office turnaround time for this is also 15 working days after the submission of a complete application.

Photo ID is required

For all personal meetings you need to provide a valid photo identification. For more information on this, please visit this page: Acceptable forms of identification at KTH

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