Welcome to Stockholm Student Health Services

Stockholm Student Health Services complements the public healthcare available to residents in Sweden. As a KTH-student you are welcome to contact us if you have health related issues. You can get individual support or join the workshops that are available.

Students on campus

The Stockholm Student Health Services is aimed for students at KTH. We provide support and counselling in case you are not feeling well. Start by contacting us and we will try together to find a solution.

The Stockholm Student Health Services provides nurse, therapist and counsellor services. Contact the nurse’s office to book a health consultation. If you are dealing with personal or emotional issues, an appointment with a therapist may be helpful, where you have the possibility to book a single or several appointments. You are also welcome to contact the student counsellor if you require support in other matters. The Stockholm Student Health Services can also help you find and connect you with other health care services in Sweden.

We are bound to confidentiality and to visit us is free of charge.


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