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How to apply for a scholarship

Students studying at KTH or employees, including PhD students and research staff, can apply for scholarships and travel grants from the KTH affiliated foundations. The following information includes foundations that are not affiliated with KTH but provide students and faculty with scholarships in their statutes.

The scholarship process

Scholarship process
Scholarship process

General information about applying for scholarships

During the respective application period, more information and application forms will be available under 'Current scholarship announcements'.

If you are awarded a scholarship you will normally be notified by e-mail.

If money has been paid out for travel grants and it has not used for the intended purpose/destination, the amount must be repaid. Some changes to the arrangement may be permissible. For more information, contact the University Administration/Finance Office, e-mail: . If the travel grant has not been fully used, the remainder shall be repaid.

For awarded travel grants, a travel report shall be submitted to  no later than one month after the trip.

Certain schools/institutions have their own grants, e.g., travel grants, to hand out to directors of undergraduate studies. Contact the Dean's Office at your department regarding this.

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Last changed: Nov 19, 2020