Laws and regulations at KTH

KTH is a public authority that is governed by national laws and regulations, but also by local regulations that KTH established.

As a student, it is good to know what rights and obligations you have according to Swedish law. This applies especially if you were to become involved in a dispute with your university or if you are of the opinion that you have been treated inappropriately during the course of your education.

The Swedish Higher Education Act and the Higher Education Ordinance

It is mainly the Swedish Higher Education Act and the Higher Education Ordinance that govern the operations of higher education institutions in Sweden. These regulate for example what degrees that can be awarded, that students have the right to have influence over their education, and that higher education institutions are responsible for student welfare and to provide a good study environment.

The Swedish Higher Education Act

The Higher Education Ordinance

Additional rules and regulations that apply

In addition to the Swedish Higher Education Act and the Higher Education Ordinance, there are regulations issued by the Swedish Council For Higher Education (UHR) as well as other regulations that govern higher education institutions. The latter can be found in laws and regulations that apply to specific issues or special universities. There are also local regulations which the universities and university colleges have established themselves. For example, KTH has its own regulations, which include certain general rules and provisions that apply to universities and university colleges, and its own regulatory system in the form of a policy document, guidelines and internal regulations.

A course syllabus  will be provided for all courses, which will contain provisions that are binding and must be followed by both KTH personnel and students. Other examples of local regulations include examination rules , which state what rules that apply during exams. There is also a Code of Conduct  or guidelines for general behaviour at KTH.

Additional laws and regulations that apply to higher education institutions in Sweden

KTH's regulations

The Administrative Procedure Act

KTH is also a government body and must comply with the Swedish Administrative Procedure Act. The Swedish Administrative Procedure Act specifies how government bodies and municipalities deal with matters. The act establishes regulations whose primary purpose is to safeguard the legal rights of citizens when they are involved with government bodies.

The Administrative Procedure Act (Swedish)