Support for students with disabilities

KTH is actively working to make the studies available for students with disabilities.

KTH can offer different types of compensatory support customised to your specific needs.

To receive support, you need to produce a documented diagnosis relating to a long-term disability; the diagnosis must be issued by a doctor or other authorised person. The support provided by KTH is related to your studies and is only a complement to the other societal benefits that you have the right to claim.

KTH has coordinators for students with disabilities, Funka, who deals with issues relating to functional disabilities. You should turn to Funka for information about support.

The most common support:

  • Longer time allowed at exams.
  • Help with taking notes. A fellow student takes notes and photocopies his/her notes for you.
  • Course literature transferred to another media through MTM (Swedish Agency for Accessible Media).
  • Access to a study room where the computers are equipped with various support applications.
  • Mentor. An experienced student helps with the planning and organisation of your studies. Your mentor at KTH does not act as a replacement for the assistance that you have been authorised to receive in accordance with the Compensation for Assistance Act (Lagen om assistansersättning – LASS), the Support and Assistance Act (Lagen om stöd och service – LSS) or the efforts made via the Social Services Act (Socialtjänstlagen – SOL).
  • Sign language interpreter.

If you need to study at a slower pace, you are entitled to establish an individual study plan together with a student counsellor.


Coordinator for students with disabilities

KTH Department for education

Phone: +46 08 790 75 00

Studying at KTH with a disability

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