Improve your study results

Your studies at KTH can be challenging and at a high speed, so KTH offers support during your studies. There are different kind of support that you can receive.

You can get support during different times in your studies. As a new student you can need help with mathematic, planning your studies, study technique and get access to Talking books. When you are in the end of your studies, you can get support with academic writing and tutoring when writing your essay.

In KTH Entré you can attend different lunch seminars, for example in study technique. Björn Liljeqvist is a great lecturer who has been teaching about study technique at KTH for many years. He has lunch and evening seminars about study technique. In the calendar, you can find his next seminar.  

If you are interested in more tips from Björn you can find movies and more material at the site for Study skills.  

Academic Resource Centre (ARC) do also have a number of different lunch seminars, for example about academic writing.


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Last changed: Jun 25, 2020