Study skills

Learning how to study efficiently is vital in order to follow the studies properly and achieve good results. The sooner you learn a good study technique, the easier your studies will become and will save you a lot of time in the longer run. Below are some links that will be useful for you as well as other tips that will help you to plan your studies.

Lunch seminars and Evening lecture

In the beginning of the autumn semester we offer a longer evening lecture in study skills. The lecture is in English. We also offer lunch seminars in KTH Entré in the beginning of each semester. You can find information on dates, time and location in the calender.

Study skills

Björn Liljeqvist, MScEE, CEO Braingain and Board Member of MENSA International is sharing his study tips with you in the four films available below. The aim of the films is to help you to improve your study habits.

Routines and Procrastination

Reading Skills

Math and Technical Problem Solving

Apps and other useful websites

  • Stickk  - a website that, through “Commitment contracts”, will help you to clarify what efforts you make in achieving your goals.
  • Anki  - helps you to improve your memory through different memory techniques
  • Memrise - Intelligent flashcards built on spaced repetition
  • Workflowy - dynamic tree-structured “to do-lists” for work planning
  • MyChain - an application that helps you reach your goals without breaking the chain. Choose MyChain for Android  or MyChain for Iphone
  • Rescue Time  - a quantified self app with logs how you spend your computer time
  • Focus Booster   - A simple "pomodoro" clock that will help you split your working day in small segments to help you put full focus when you are studying.
  • Cold Turkey  - Schedule and limit access to websites and programs you just can't keep your eyes off
  • - A habit builder that helps you reach your goals
  • Academic Tips  - provides you with useful study tips on how to take better notes, how to manage your time and study more effectively.

Student counselling

If you need to discuss your study situation or get tips on how to improve your study habits, you can turn to the student counsellor in your school or to the study- and career counselling service at a central level.

For contact details, click here

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