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Security and emergency

KTH has a safety function to ensure that you as a student can feel safe during your studies. Here you will find some safety information that can come in use when you frequent campus.


KTH's security number – 08-790 9900: To get in contact with a security guard
To report theft, intruder, insecurity factors and request accompaniment by a security guard within the campus area.

KTH's emergency number - 08-790 7700: Serious accidents, fire or threats

Call 112 and report, then call KTH's emergency number. Tell them if you have informed 112, what happened, place and how you can be reached.  

Access card

You receive an access card when you start your studies at the KTH in order to get access to the premises important to your studies. The access card allows you to enter locked facilities where you have access. Many facilities at KTH are open, on daytime during weekdays, for example KTH:s entrances and many computer labs. Contact your campus if you have questions about opening hours for places.

Safe usage of access cards

Keep in mind that your access card is personal and should not be lent to others and that you are not permitted to let unauthorized persons, for example relatives or friends enter KTH: s facilities that require access card.

It is important that you don’t write the pincode for your card on the card in the case that you would lose it. If you lose your card, please contact KTH Entré . This is also the course of action if you find a lost card on campus.  

Safety on campus

Security guards

KTH has security guards present on all campuses, around the clock and all year around. They make sure to be visible to ensure that you as a student feel safe, check the alarms and make sure that student events are carried out safely. The security guard also serves as a support to KTH: s security function.

Security guards on campus can be accompanied by trained guard dogs for security reasons. These dogs are always kept on a leash and it is important that you never approached a dog without first getting explicit permission from the guard.


KTH: s facilities are equipped with alarms to prevent theft. If you accidentally set off the alarm, make sure to stay until security arrives and let them know what has happened.


Security guards conduct ID-controls on evenings and nights and it is therefore important that you bring an acceptable form of identification  as well as your access card when frequenting KTH: s premises during these times. If you cannot provide this documentation, you risk being turned away from KTH:s premises.


KTH has routines in place for necessary evacuation, for example in case of fire. You find evacuation plans in close proximity to entrances. Check the evacuation plan to see where escape routes and fire extinguishers are located as well as the evacuation site. KTH also has evacuation leaders whom you recognize by their orange vests. In the event of evacuation, follow the evacuation leader to the evacuation site to await information.

More information on KTH's safety function

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