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Drop-in vaccination against COVID-19 on campus

As a KTH student or PhD, you will be able to get vaccinated against COVID-19 on one of KTH's campuses.

Drop-in vaccination on campus

The vaccination usually takes place through drop-in and you do not need to make an appointment for the vaccination. You are able to get vaccinated regardless of whether it is dose 1 or 2 of the vaccine you need to take. Dose 3 is also offered if it has been more than three months since you took dose 2.

No upcoming vaccination dates scheduled

There are currently no upcoming drop-in vaccination dates scheduled. If more dates are offered, they will be published on this page.

COVID certificate for those without a Swedish personal identity number

From 17 January, you can order a COVID certificate without a Swedish personal identity number via telephone support if you have been vaccinated against COVID-19 in Stockholm.

Prepare for the vaccination

Keep this in mind when you come to the vaccination:

  • You must bring a valid ID, for example a passport. Even if you do not have a Swedish personal identification number you will be able to get vaccinated. 
  • Please bring a completed health declaration (pdf)  with you. It is not a requirement but your vaccination will go faster if you have brought it. Print and fill out the declaration.
  • You will receive the vaccine as a needle jab in the arm.
  • Bring your vaccination card if you have received the first dose. 

  • You will be asked to stay for 15 minutes after receiving your shot. This is to make sure you feel fine afterwards.

  • Avoid crowding and keep your distance during the vaccination.

The drop-in vaccination on KTH's campus is offered by Region Stockholm's Mobile Vaccination Unit in collaboration with KTH.