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Registration on doctoral thesis

From July 2021, you will have to register on your doctoral/licentiate thesis via the web. You register at the start of every calendar half-year for the upcoming half-year.

Register on your doctoral/licentiate thesis every half-year

You will find the web registration function at Ladok for students , where you will register for your doctoral/licentiate thesis in the same way you register for courses. For information about course registration, see Course registration .

The registration on your thesis shows that you are conducting research studies also when you are not taking a course or are participating in e.g a conference. Registration on the thesis also makes it easier for statistical follow-ups on research studies atKTH.

The doctoral/licentiate thesis has 0 hp stated for each half-year study period. KTH has decided not to specify the scope of the thesis, since the registration does not equal demands on achievement. You will also see the study period, for example, 2 of 2. It means that there are in total two study periods entered in Ladok for you and that you are registering on the last of those periods. If you continue to study after this, new study periods will be added for the upcoming half-years.

If you lack a study period to register on, or if you have questions about your studies in Ladok, you are welcome to contact the research education administration at your school.

Registration periods for doctoral/licentiate thesis

For autumn: 1 July-1 September

For spring: 1 January-1 March

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Last changed: Apr 22, 2021