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Change Password on your KTH account

On this page you find instructions on how to change the password on your KTH account.

Please note!

  • Please note that your password must meet certain criterias to be valid. Read more about Username and Password  .
  • You must logout or close applications that uses your password on other units as your cellphone or tablet and similar. After you have changed your password you must then change the password in the settings of the applications before you start them again so that the application won't use your old password that might put you in a risk of a locked account.

Instructions for changing the password

  1. In a web browser open .
  2. Logon to the Personal Menu  .
  3. Click on your name in the personal menu (the gray bar at the top of the page).
  4. Select "Change password" from the list below "My Settings", or go to this page Change password of your KTH Account . Then fill in the following fields.
  5. Username: Type your account name, without "".
  6. Current password: Type your current password.
  7. New password: Type your new password.
  8. New password again: Type in your new password again, this is just to confirm that you are typing the password correct.
  9. Click on the change password button and wait for comfirmation that your password has been changed.
Belongs to: KTH Intranet
Last changed: Jul 02, 2021