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Personal menu

When logged in to, the personal menu will appear on the top of pages, enabling you to always access your personal pages and features, eg. Study overview, schedule etc.

The idea behind ​​the personal menu is that it should be easy for staff and students to access their personal features, courses, programmes and groups through

What does the personal menu contain?

Your name

Below your name in the menu you find your personal profile (a presentation / "personal homepage"), and setting pages including email forwarding, wifi access and password change.


Here you can view events for the next few days, retrieve links to the full schedule and more information on the schedule. You can also export your schedule to an external calendar (e.g. your phone) from here.

Learn more about My Schedule


Contains links to . To unsubscribe to a course you either do so in the subscription settings  or directly on the course page. There are also links to functionalities that you previously found on My Pages.

As a student, you may have Current, Completed and Other courses. Courses are considered current as long as the courseround continues, and then the rest of the semester (if the round is active only in period 1, the course still remains the rest of the semester, i.e. including period 2) and you don't have a final result reported on the course. If you have a reported final result, the course is shown below completed instead. Other courses are courses where the study period has ended as per above but no final result is reported, and also courses you do not study but still have selected to subscribe to.

We have added the symbol for course status, that you also can see on the course information pages:

◔ Admitted, not yet registered.
◑ Registered
● Completed — grade is reported.


Includes links to all the programmes you subscribe to . To unsubscribe from a programme you either do so in the subscription settings  or directly on the programme page.

There are also links to functionalities that you previously found on My Pages.


Here you can create your own groups and have links to groups you subscribe to. If you want to unsubscribe from a group, you can do it in the subscription settings  or directly on the group page.


Her you can manage your studies, e.g. fins results of your completed courses, register for courses, register for written examas and download your written and graded exams. There are also other services, inlcuding library search and computer room services


There are three icons that link to:
1. Webmail
2. News feed - collection of posts, events, edits in courses, programmes and groups you subscribe to.
3. Notifications, which will initially generate immediate alerts from your course, programme and group webs. We are working on even get notifications regarding semester registration and new study results.

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Last changed: Mar 03, 2021