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Settings for Outlook 2016 in Windows

Quick reference guide on how to configure your KTH email using Microsoft Outlook 2016 on an stand-alone PC. On this page you can even follow the steps on how to create a new Outlook profile, if Outlook does not work well.

Outlook in KTH Windows

If you have a KTH Windows computer, Outlook is configured automatically after you log in to the computer.

Create your KTH email account

If you use Outlook as an email client, you must connect to an email server with an Exchange connection to get full functionality and be able to manage the address book and calendar.

  1. Start by going to the Control Panel on your computer. Go to User Accounts and click on Mail (32-bit)
    Screenshot: Showing Control panel in Windows
  2. You can also just type "mail" in the search box and go directly to Mail (32-bit).
    Screenshot: Getting to Mail (32-bit) by searching Control Panel
    Note! If there is already a connection to your email account at KTH but it no longer works, it is best to remove the Outlook profile and start over with the settings. How to do this is shown under the heading "Create a new Outlook profile" at the bottom of this reference guide.
  3. Click on E-mail Accounts...
    Setup email accounts
  4. Click New...
    Email Accounts
  5. Select E-mail Account and fill out you KTH e-mail address and KTH account password and click Next
    fill out your email account details
  6. Click Finish. Restart Outlook.
    fill out your email account details
  7. When Mail Application pop up, fill out your username and your password, then click OK
    Finish e-mail account configuration
  8. Done. Now the Outlook will configure your inbox which can take a while depending on current size of your mailbox.

Create a new Outlook profile

If Outlook does not work well, you may need to create a new profile that does not contain old settings. The first step is to go to the Control Panel and Mail (32-bit) (as described at the top of the page).

  1. Click on Show profiles. Select the existing profile and click Remove
    Screenshot: Remove existing profile
  2. Then go to a folder inside the computer (Explorer) located in C:\Users\your username\AppData\Local\Microsoft\
    The folder should have the same name as the removed profile (usually called Outlook). Rename this folder (eg. to Outlook_Old).
    Screenshot: Path to the profile location in Explorer
    Screenshot: Rename existing profile folder in Explorer
  3. Then go back to Mail (32-bit) in the control panel and create a new profile. Click on Add and enter a new profile name Outlook

    Screenshot: Create a new Outlook profile
  4. Then continue from the top of this page with the rest of the configuration.

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Last changed: Dec 29, 2021