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How to set up your mobile for exams with Zoom

Your mobile should be your primary device for exams with Zoom. Follow the instructions and the recommendation below on how to do this. Don’t forget to ensure that you have power supply for all devices to last the whole exam.

The following is recommended that it is displayed from your phone. The more you get by yourself and the table you sit and work at, the better it is. Only permitted facilities may be available on the table where you work.

The image below shows how you can organize your devices if you are sitting at desk.

How to make your own mobile tripod

Your mobile needs to stand up-right. To prevent the battery from running flat you also need to be able to have the power cord plugged to a power supply. If you have the following bits and pieces at home you can make your own tripod.


  • An empty pet bottle
  • Rice
  • A knife
  • 3 Chopsticks or pens

1) Make a whole for the power cord in the top of the bottle

2) Fill the bottle with rice, to make it heavy and stop it from falling.

3) Stick the Chopsticks (or pends) through the opening at the top of the bottle.

4) Place your mobile between the Chopsticks

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