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Summer and short courses abroad

Spend the summer at another university in a new country, or study abroad for a shorter period of time. Summer courses can provide a taste of what it is like to study abroad, or they could be the choice for students who are not able to spend long periods abroad. It is also a way to deepen your knowledge on a given topic while you get to experience a different country and a new culture.

Application closed

Right now there are no summer or short courses to apply for. On this page you can see previous courses.

Previous courses


Summer lecture series from University of Sydney


Aalto University Summer School: Climate Change, Health and Architecture

Aalto University Summer School: Entrepreneurial Path

Short course at Aalto University


Ginsen Summer School Online


Digital summer course at TU Darmstadt within UNITE!


Politecnico di Torino CAST Summer School


Summer School: Advances in Materials for Medicine

Hong Kong

PolyU International Summer School 2021


Summer courses at University of Tokyo

Summer in Japan 2021 Online Program


Summer course: ULisses

South Africa

Online summer course with KTH GDH and University of Cape Town


SEEEP PhD Summer School 2021: Energy Transition: Pathways towards net zero

Summer courses at KTH partner universities

Most of the KTH partner universities offer summer courses of various types. Content, scope and fees vary. If you are interested, search for summer courses at the university you are interested in.

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Last changed: Sep 01, 2021