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Erasmus Learning Agreement and Scholarship application - step by step

This information applies for students going on exchange within Europe, except Switzerland.

In order to receive the scholarship, both a Learning Agreement and a Grant Agreement have to be fully completed and uploaded into the portal for exchange studies, Mobility Online (MoL). Please note that all documents uploaded in Mobility Online should be saved as PDF files.

  1. The school's international coordinator will send information to the student on how to fill in the Learning Agreement (LA), by first selecting courses at the receiving institution which can be recognized into the study programme at KTH.
  2. The LA is signed by the student, the school coordinator and the receiving university.
  3. The LA is uploaded into the portal for exchange studies, Mobility Online.
  4. A message from the portal/MoL will ask the student to write the exact semester dates at the receiving university, teaching language and previous participation in Erasmus, all ending up in a Grant Agreement.
  5. The student prints the Grant Agreement, well in time before the studies begin. The student signs and uploads the Grant Agreement (signature form the Erasmus coordinator is made digitally) into the portal, before June 5th if going abroad in autumn semester, or December 10th if going abroad in spring semester.
  6. A confirmation is sent from the application portal to student once the Grant Agreement is uploaded, with an attachment (Bank Details Form). If the student has a Nordea account, or an account in another Swedish bank, the following applies: make a registration via Nordea’s homepage . Employment number for KTH is 505751. Use BankID, if you don’t have one, a form from Nordea will be provided. Please note that this does not apply for foreign bank accounts, then the attached Bank Details Form should be filled in and sent to
  7. A compulsory language test (OLS), one test before and one after the studies, will be sent from the EU database.
  8. When arriving at the receiving university: the LA not previously signed by the receiving university, and/or changes to the LA, are both to be completed and signed and then uploaded into the portal, in the same step as the first LA. This should be done as soon as possible after the study start. A potential extension of the studies can be made in the original LA under the part ”during” or ”after mobility”, previously uploaded into MoL. A request for an extension of the studies should be made at least a month before the ending date of the already approved study period. The new ending date should be sent to
  9. Towards the end of the exchange study period, information will be sent from the portal to the student about preparing for the homecoming including instructions on how to write a Travel Report. A Certificate of Attendance (signed by the receiving university; does not need to be KTH document) and a Final LA/After the Mobility (could be the same as in step 8) are also to be uploaded into the portal.
  10. Not until these documents are completed, the final payment of the Erasmus Grant will be made.
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Last changed: Oct 29, 2020