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Canada: University of Ottawa

The University of Ottawa is the world’s largest bilingual university where students may study in English, French or both languages. Located in the heart of Canada’s national capital, it has a student population of 45,000. The university is located in the residential neighborhood of Sandy Hill, and offers a wide variety of academic programs, administered by ten faculties including engineering.

University in brief

Language of instruction: English and French (students may choose)
Academic calendar: Fall session: September-December, Winter session: January-April
Credit system: Undergraduate per term: 15 credits (5 courses) is equivalent to 30 ECTS. Graduate per term: 9 credits (3 courses) is equivalent to 30 ECTS. KTH students must have completed and applied for their BSc degree and apply at Ottawa as a Graduate student.
Youtube: Uottawa
Note: Compulsory health insurance (UHIP): approx. USD 250 per term. Courses at The University of Ottawa spring semester starts the 6th of January. The official first day of the spring semester is the 1st of January. It is not possible for KTH students to select courses at the Telfer School of Management at University of Ottawa.

Exchange opportunities

Number of spots: 4 semester places
Grade requirements: 3,5
Previous Nominations:  4,444 (spring 21), 4,3328 (Fall21), 3,8151 (Spring22), 4,1439 (Fall22), 4,4269 (Fall23), 4,5401 (Spring24). More Information on Selection

Programme specific information

If your programme or school is not listed below, contact the international coordinator at your school.