Course- and Student Offices

At a student office (also called course office) you can e.g. re-register for a course, pick up exams or purchase course compendiums. What office you should turn to depends on which school/department is responsible for the course. If you have questions about what course to choose or your studies on your program, you should instead turn to your education office or programme counsellor.

Find a Course- or Student Office

  1. What office to turn to depends on the KTH school  and institution/department that gives the course. There you can find in the lower part of the curriculum in the Course and Program Directory  under "Offered by". First is the acronym for the KTH School and then the institution/department, for example, CSC/Computer Science.

  2. In the table below you will find links to each school's information pages on their course and student offices. There you can find addresses, opening hours and so on

School Link
ABE (School of Architecture and the Built Environment) Student's offices ABE
CBH (School of Engineering Sciences in Chemistry, Biotechnology and Health) Course Office BIO
EECS (School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science) Student's office EECS
ITM (School of Industrial Engineering and Management) ​​​​​​​Student's office ITM
SCI (School of Engineering Sciences)

Physics and Applied Physics ​​​​​​​

Mathematics ​​​​​​​