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Your studies

Here you can find information about your studies, your programme and your courses.

Ladok for students

Via the student service Ladok for students  you can see your results on courses, register as well as print certificates etc. The data is retrieved from Ladok (the student registry). Via the student service "Ladok for students" under "Services" in the in the personal menu there are som more services. Read more about the personal menu .

Ladok for students

The student interface was updated on March 25, 2021.

The student interface was updated on March 25, 2021.

As a student, you can use the same featuresas before in the new national student interface, but with a different look. The new interface complies with the Accessibility Act (DOS Act) and to better meet students' needs, the new interface also works more smoothly in mobile phones.

In Questions and Answers Ladok (FAQ)  there is information that applies to e.g. login to Ladok for students.

Update your email

It is important that you specify your email adress in Ladok. If you change the e-mail address, the one specified as forwarding at KTH will not be changed automatically. You do this in the Personal menu - click on your name on the left, under "My settings" you will find "Forwarding of e-mail from your KTH e-mail address. It is important that this is updated as some of the notifications that KTH sends go to it the address you enter at KTH, eg room placement for exams.

Services for students

Other services such as seeing written exams can be found under "Services for students" and "Services" in the personal menu.

Student at KTH

On the pages under Student at KTH, you will find information that is common to all students .

Information from your programme

Each programme at KTH has a programme website where you can find information related to your programme. On the programme website you can also discuss programme specific topics with other students and staff at KTH or ask questions.

Find information and communicate on programmes

Information about courses

In the Course and Programme Directory you will find the official course syllabus.

Course and Programme Directory

Find information and communicate on courses

Canvas- learning management system at KTH

Each course at KTH has a course room in Canvas. Here you have contact with your teacher and fellow students during the course. You will find course materials and guides that the teachers have uploaded and you can follow course news and events via the advertisement board. You can upload your assignments and do course evaluations and exams. Only registered students have access to their courses in Canvas.

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Last changed: Apr 06, 2021